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Imagine feeling empowered with strong boundaries and emotional tranquility. You know how to speak up for yourself and create a healthy relationship with the feminine and masculine…

The feminine has been systematically disempowered. The trauma from violence and suppression of our wisdom has affected our consciousness, preventing us from and feeling safe and surrendering to our higher power. However the feminine is now able to reclaim sovereignty.

Through coaching with me, you can empower yourself to embody your deepest feminine essence and build a foundation of trust within yourself that will change every area of your life.

‘Now I feel completely different. I feel more awakened in my body & clear in my intentions. I feel sensual, creative, young and powerful like I´ve never felt before in my life. I feel emotionally free from painful attachments to past relationships.’

What to expect in a session:

Get ready for a profound energetic transformation during your session as you release old energy and patterns. Your session may involve a combination of Kundalini, trauma processing, and healing techniques that provide you with mental clarity, emotional release, and a greater sense of grounding and presence.

How long does a session last:

Sessions usually last an hour and fifteen minutes or more.

How do I book a session:

To book a session, simply send an email with your preferred time and days of availability.

Feminine Embodiment

This reading is the foundational key to unlocking your Feminine potential and deeply understanding your purpose. It gives you the practical structure and spiritual guidance to achieving Feminine embodiment. You will gain insight into the blocks that hold you back and heal subconscious patterns related to the oppression of the Feminine.

The Feminine is now reclaiming sovereignty and we no longer seek an external relationship to feel complete. Instead, we balance these polarities within and heal ourselves to feel whole.

What You Receive:

  • Yogic Protocol
  • 40 Day Meditation
  • Live Astrology Reading with Recording
  • Private Meditation & Quantum Healing Session
  • Your Birth Chart
Live Astro Reading + Recording 

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A gifted songstress and Teacher…

I can´t even find words to describe the transformation I´ve experienced… My main intentions were processing the death of my father & my relationships with men. I wanted to find deeper understanding of myself and why I react in certain ways, and especially discover the root cause of my sadness and depression in my life. And although my intentions were already serious enough I couldn´t even imagine I´d gain much more than just that in the end. The information Jamie shares in this course is truly unique & mind blowing. It took me a while to process this information and apply to it real life. And I know that from now on, it is a continuos Life-long dedication & practice.

 It wasn´t hard for me to open up and start sharing how I feel and what I´ve been going through. The support that I´ve received during the entire time of coaching was more than I´ve ever expected to receieve. I´m a very sensitive & picky person and I don´t engage in something unless it feels right. When I listened to Jamie´s song “Creative Self” I couldn´t stop crying and I couldn´t figure out where all these emotions are coming from and what am I supposed to do with them. And when I found out about this course and saw how affordable it was it was an immediate yes without a single doubt. When you know you know.

Now I feel completely different. I feel more awakened in my body & clear in my intentions. I feel sensual, creative, young and powerful like I´ve never felt before in my life. I feel emotionally free from painful attachments to past relationships. Finally, I was able to allow myself to grieve my father´s death and allow all unprocessed Related emotions to come up to the surface. I am able to feel myself. The Woman that I am. Fearless, feminine, beautiful, glowing and loving.

I feel immense gratitude to Jamie for holding space. I feel grateful for myself for engaging in that inner work and completing the course. For more years of Love, Liberation & Evolution.. GentleYana

I did a private healing session with Sat Avtar in person in Tulum and it was everything I needed and more. She’s very intuitive, clear and intentional. It felt very in sync and we got straight to the source. We did breathing, visualization and trauma reframing for healing. There was inner child shadow work involved and I was Inpidred to do ancestral healing as well. It was a very complete session and I would recommend it to anyone who is either starting their healing journey or advanced. She will intuively know how to work till with you. What I love the most is how raw and honest she is. Blessed to have held space with her and definitely will keep working with her through virtual alternatives.

Sat Avtar has extensive knowledge she shares with grace.

My experience was powerful, I never did kundalini before. I experienced a lot of changes and letting go of fears and my own limits. After class I felt so connected to my body and intuition. It was beautiful being guided by Sat Avtar. I’m very grateful!

Thank you for teaching me to speak from my full spectrum being from the root up. It has been supremely supportive. I have deep gratitude for you and your wholesome and balanced vibrations. 

Your class was amazing!!!

Still vibrating in gratitude from your last class!

Your class is magical every time! Thank you so much for these powerful lessons!

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