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Embody Your Voice

Free 5 Day Training Awaken To Your Sound

Discover the magnitude of your energetic potential through activating the voice in this 5 day training with teacher and international mantra artist Sat Avtar.

Experience how the voice can transform nervous energy into relaxation and connection and is a potent “yogic” tool. Regardless of whether you think you can hold a tune – let go of the worry of being in class in this at-home course.

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In this first class I talk about the “Why of Voice” and the yogic limb of sound “Naad” Yoga where we create vibrational harmony within ourselves.  The importance of our throat chakra and how the voice can show us how we lie to ourselves, and blocks we carry to self appreciation and love.


Relax the muscles of the throat, face and larynx at the throat chakra that is ruled by the ether in this short class. A quick daily warm up, or use before any public speaking and notice the difference in your ability to articulate thoughtful sound and expressions.


This traditional voice warm up loosens the face,  mouth and lips further relaxing our being into chanting. It enhances and lengthens the breath and the ability to carry a sound longer, with a wider pitch range and with more fullness.


“Ong” the sound of the creative consciousness. Ong is the sound of infinity as it is heard through the conch which we call the area of the third eye.  The powerful vibration from this meditation stimulates the hormonal system and the brain.


This healing meditation puts you in the flow of the Universe – which means deep feelings of connection and bliss. Ra Ma Da Sa is known as one of the most powerful healing mantras. It brings balance of energy, and stimulates the flow of Kundalini bringing healing to the body.

Voice Activation

A 5 Day Training in Yogic Voice

Use your voice to go from disempowered to radiant in less than ten minutes a day. You don’t have to be able to “sing” to do it either. Anyone can tune their “instrument”.

What is the secret to being heard? It’s your energy. Where are you coming from? Not only in your body but your mind.

Using these warm up’s begin to attune yourself to your own creative voice power. And relax! Singing is a full body energy transformation tool that balances and relaxes the body, melting stress and tension away.

If you struggle getting people to hear you and to hold a “space” this training will help you take control of energy inside and out. If you have stress and anxiety these exersizes are like a peaceful tonic to your nerves.

Don’t believe me? 

I thought the same. That I couldn’t sing. So there was no point in even trying. 

But, when I started to chant and really train my voice it helped heal hyperthyroid and chronic fatigue syndrome. I relaxed and realised…

The truth is voice is one of  the most powerfully healing tools we have all been gifted with.  

When you work with it magical things start to happen. 

You will feel present. You will be grounded. You will feel centered. 

When you enter your name and email you will get access to this 5 day challenge training. A video will be sent to you each day to explore. You will also receive a workbook

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“A gifted songstress and Teacher.”

Sat Avtar is a beloved international teacher whose voice has been described as “incredible”, “angelic” and “like stepping into a warm bath”. A voice she didn’t know she had until she started practicing Kundalini 24 years ago. She is the founder of Aquarian Yogi an online studio. Has her own record label and produces World and EDM music for listeners around the world.

She has taught and performed at festivals from Germany to London and Tulum, Mexico. She is an actress which supports her knowledge and teaching of self awareness and emotional expression through creativity and song. She loves supporting women to unlock their potential through voice. She also studies Vedic Astrology and offers transformational readings.

“Iv been practicing Kundalini for 24 years and teaching for 10. It is the most potent support and transformational pathway to health, emotional freedom and spiritual empowerment I have encountered. It has grown me into a women. One of health, vitality, emotional freedom and strength.”


My experience was powerful, I never did kundalini before. I experienced a lot of changes and letting go of fears and my own limits. After class I felt so connected to my body and intuition. It was beautiful being guided by Sat Avtar. I’m very grateful! 

I did a private healing session with Sat Avtar in person in Tulum and it was everything I needed and more. She’s very intuitive, clear and intentional. It felt very in sync and we got straight to the source. We did breathing, visualization and trauma reframing for healing. There was inner child shadow work involved and I was inspired to do ancestral healing as well. It was a very complete session and I would recommend it to anyone who is either starting their healing journey or advanced. She will intuitively know how to work with you. What I love the most is how raw and honest she is. Blessed to have held space with her and definitely will keep working with her through virtual alternatives.

Sat Avtar has extensive knowledge she shares with grace. 

Your class is magical every time! Thank you so much for these powerful lessons!

Thank you for teaching me to speak from my full spectrum being from the root up. It has been supremely supportive. I have deep gratitude for you and your wholesome and balanced vibrations. 

Your class was amazing!!!

Still vibrating in gratitude from your last class!

Truly the voice of an angel.

A gifted songstress and Teacher…

I did this course in June 2022 during the Solstice. I can´t even find words to describe the transformation I´ve experienced… My main intentions for this course were processing the death of my father & my relationships with men. I wanted to find deeper understanding of myself and why I react in certain ways, and especially discover the root cause of my sadness and depression in my life. And although my intentions were already serious enough I couldn´t even imagine I´d gain much more than just that in the end. The information Jamie shares in this course is truly unique & mind blowing. It took me a while to process this information and apply to it real life. And I know that from now on, it is a continuos Life-long dedication & practice.

During the course, Jamie was able to get very close and personal with everyone. It wasn´t hard for me to open up and start sharing how I feel and what I´ve been going through. The support that I´ve received during the entire time of coaching was more than I´ve ever expected to receieve. I´m a very sensitive & picky person and I don´t engage in something unless it feels right. When I listened to Jamie´s song “Creative Self” I couldn´t stop crying and I couldn´t figure out where all these emotions are coming from and what am I supposed to do with them. And when I found out about this course and saw how affordable it was it was an immediate yes without a single doubt. When you know you know.

Now I feel completely different. I feel more awakened in my body & clear in my intentions. I feel sensual, creative, young and powerful like I´ve never felt before in my life. I feel emotionally free from painful attachments to past relationships. Finally, I was able to allow myself to grieve my father´s death and allow all unprocessed Related emotions to come up to the surface. I am able to feel myself. The Woman that I am. Fearless, feminine, beautiful, glowing and loving.

I feel immense gratitude to Jamie for holding space. I feel grateful for myself for engaging in that inner work and completing the course. For more years of Love, Liberation & Evolution.. GentleYana