Voice Alchemy

Yogic Voice + Heart

A 50 page eBook and 12 video classes of traditional voice work and meditation. Use your voice to go from disempowered to radiant. You don’t have to be able to “sing”. What is the secret to being heard? It’s your energy. Where are you coming from? Not only in your body but your mind.

Using these warm up’s begin to attune yourself to your own creative voice power. If you struggle getting people to hear you and to hold a “space” this training will help you take control of energy inside and out. The truth is voice is one of the most powerfully healing tools we have all been gifted with.

This course is for you if:

  • You feel awkward saying how you feel
  • You struggle being clear with your communication
  • You want greater self confidence and less shyness
  • You want to learn self initiated energy healing methods
  • You want to learn more about chanting, mantra and yogic philosophy
  • You are deeply interested in discovering your own voice
Using Your Voice

is a way to break through shyness and confusion. Sound is one of the fundamental limbs of yoga that often goes overlooked as a means of physical, emotional, and mental healing. Your voice is a tool of empowerment, liberating you from co-dependency and disempowerment.

In this course, you’ll gain access to mantra meditations, video classes, traditional voice technique classes and a comprehensive 50-page ebook. Mantras are like energetic keys, unlocking your aura’s potential with their magical resonance.

What the Course Looks Like 

You will get a download of a 50 page PDF eBook. The links to 12 videos are embedded in the eBook.

01 Introduction

An introduction to your course experience. What to expect from this course. And how the connecting to our voice allows you to reconnect to your inner being – to awaken the divine, the kundalini.

02 Intentional Sound

Sounds relation to Kundalini, chakras and manifestation. Gain a deeper understanding how voice and embodiment are connected. There are many answers in your voice, begin to find them here.

03 Active vs Passive Sound

Active sound, whispering and silence are the three modes of sound. Learn how these modes energetically work in spiritual and physical ways to transform.

04 Anatomy

A quick journey into understanding the muscles involved in singing and gaining a deeper understanding of how singing is a full body experience.

05 Yogic Methodology

A yogic journey of sound. How sound is a central part of the full spectrum experience of yoga and an ancient tradition in many cultures.

06 Mantra Glossary + Pronunciation

A glossary of mantra from the Kundalini Yoga tradition, their meaning and pronunciation.

07 Self Inquiry and Worksheets

A series of questions and goal setting worksheets.

08 Video Classes

12 videos of warm ups, lectures, mantra meditations and a full yoga class.

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My experience was powerful, I never did kundalini before. I experienced a lot of changes and letting go of fears and my own limits. After class I felt so connected to my body and intuition. It was beautiful being guided by Sat Avtar. I’m very grateful! 

I did a private healing session with Sat Avtar in person in Tulum and it was everything I needed and more. She’s very intuitive, clear and intentional. It felt very in sync and we got straight to the source. We did breathing, visualization and trauma reframing for healing. There was inner child shadow work involved and I was inspired to do ancestral healing as well. It was a very complete session and I would recommend it to anyone who is either starting their healing journey or advanced. She will intuitively know how to work with you. What I love the most is how raw and honest she is. Blessed to have held space with her and definitely will keep working with her through virtual alternatives.

Sat Avtar has extensive knowledge she shares with grace. 

Your class is magical every time! Thank you so much for these powerful lessons!

Thank you for teaching me to speak from my full spectrum being from the root up. It has been supremely supportive. I have deep gratitude for you and your wholesome and balanced vibrations. 

Your class was amazing!!!

Still vibrating in gratitude from your last class!

Truly the voice of an angel.

A gifted songstress and Teacher…