The Voice of an Angel Kickstarter Campaign

The Voice of an Angel – a musical devotion to an angels blessing.

Pre-buy and help fund my debut mantra album. Help me fulfill a life long dream.

Seven years ago while sleeping on an air mattress on the bedroom floor of a friend I woke up in the middle of the night to a sight and sound unlike anything I had ever experienced before. It sounds unbelievable, crazy, just my imagination – but I was wide awake.

In a time of need, the angels, piercing the fabric of the physical world showed themselves to me in a shower of glowing light, and celestial sound. Wrapping me in a loving embrace, I experienced a peace then unknown to me that now, when I wish to feel it again I chant.

This campaign is to raise funds to finish my album which is currently in process of being made. I need funds to pay the musicians, get physical CD’s, and get myself to Summer Solstice Sadhana for its debut. This is a life-long held dream, a miracle, and I am asking the community, friends, family, strangers to pre-buy the album.

I have chosen a minimum amount I can create the album with but the more you pre-buy and give the more I can put into this project. Above the goal will ensure I make it solstice, and help me set up a tour and market effectively.

Thank you for reading this and considering a contribution. Very soon I will have debut the video of The Long Time Sun.

If you cannot pre-buy the album then please share on social media. I am truly grateful to everyone that has helped get me here,even the smallest actions constantly humble me. If it were not for all the encouragement, the comments, the patience of others, I would not be here. Thank you to Gurusangat Singh, Tripp Dudley, Daniel Crowley, Joey Lavellee, Robert Myers, KC Solaris and Jagan Nath Singh Khalsa, and Shannon Roy for the awesome images!

Sat Nam! Sat Avtar Kaur

How Can You Help?

1) Click the green “Back this Project” button now in the top right section of this page.

2) Choose any amount you wish and select the reward if you wish to have one. I have chosen rewards I believed people in the community would enjoy and benefit from!

3) Tell your friends! Please share this link – this is so helpful – even you don’t donate your helping me achieve my dreams. YOU can make them come true. Social networks Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, email your friends and relevant media and bloggers, post on Facebook walls, tweet etc.

If we don’t reach the goal of $6,000 by the deadline the project will receive NOTHING $0—please share with the community and your friends!

BUY THE ALBUM AND DONATE HERE —>…/the-voice-of-an-angel-healing…

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