The Iconic Feminine

Self Illuminated Health & Radiance

Gain the Goddess

Glow + Grow + Youth + Hormonal Health

The Iconic Feminine Course is a 4 week series during the potent time of the Summer Solstice where we “gain the goddess’ within ourselves. Over these four weeks we practice and connect to magnify our radiance, detox our bio machine (our bodies), and harness the transformational energies of the longest day of light in the year.

The Iconic Feminine Course focuses on healing the primary feminine energetic bio functions, feminine polarity and sexual wounds. Awakening our empowerment centres and regulating our moon cycles.

This course is for you if:

  • Your transitioning off birth control
  • You are preparing for pregnacy
  • You wish to natural magnify and perpetuate youthful skin + vitality
  • You want to regulate your cycle, lessen cramps, downtime, and emotional irritability
  • You need to clear past lover energy and emotional entanglements from break ups
  • You have family trauma and related subconscious blocks

Empowered Feminine

Kundalini + Nourishment + Voice + Energy

Guidance from a 43 Years Young Yogi 

I started birth control at 15. I moved out at 16. Started college at 18 and toured the world DJ’ing. Symptoms of stress related illness and fatique began at 19. I started my Kundalini practice at 20. I stopped birth control at 30. I started singing and became a mantra singer at 31. I just turned 43.

Iv been practicing Kundalini for 23 years and teaching for 10. It is the most potent support and transformational pathway to health, emotional freedom and spiritual empowerment I have encountered. In this live course I share with you my experience growing into a women. One of health, vitality, emotional freedom and strength.

Activate the Divine Feminine 

🌙 Do you want to feel and look five to ten years younger? You can create a lifestyle to do it.

🌙 Do you want to recover from fatigue and tedious, chronic and unexplained symptoms? It’s possible.

🌙 Are you preparing for pregnancy and want the best health possible for a safe pregnancy? Up level your health.

🌙 Do you want a Moon Cycle with less cramps, fatigue and  pain? You can regulate your cycle.

🌙 Do you want to let go of painful attachments to past relationships? Find emotional freedom.

🌙 Do you want to feel confident speaking in a masculine dominated environment?  You can speak your truth.

Our bio systems are effected by our emotional and mental health, and vice versa. When we experience things like skin break outs, rashes, disturbed sleep and sluggish digestion we often use the bandaid method – a temporary fix without getting to the root of the problem. Without addressing this connection the the band aid will always fall off.

An overtaxed liver can cause acne and rosacea, fitful sleep can be emotional buildup in the body that needs release.  When our digestion is sluggish our “emotional brain” – our digestion system and immune system – become unaligned. A perpetuating cycle of toxic build up gets created.

But our bodies are made to heal – and you can by changing your habits, embracing spiritual connection, and learning their is no one in this world who knows what’s best for you better than YOU. There is an endless flow of vitality, grace and creativity within you that is waiting for you to connect with.

Balanced Feminine

Sensuality + Sexuality + Creativity + Heart

What the Course Looks Like 

We gather live weekly. All coaching sessions are recorded. The course area allows for discussion and feedback where you can ask me questions and engage. Additional optional videos and activities like journaling, manifestation and goal activities, and protocols for health and wellness are added each week.

Every one enrolled has access to dozens of recorded yoga and meditation videos for two months on Aquarian Yogi my online Kundalini studio. This course is self motivated. It is meant to help you build a new foundation where you become your own source of strength, power and healing.

*Optional private sessions and readings are available. Support continued expansion into your uniqueness with 1:1 deep reprogramming. Receive a customised protocol based on your numerology and astrology. This will highlight your unique potential which gives you insight into what your most potent power is that will carry you towards your whole self. You will have the insight into your shadows and areas of resistance so you can break through them.*


My experience was powerful, I never did kundalini before. I experienced a lot of changes and letting go of fears and my own limits. After class I felt so connected to my body and intuition. It was beautiful being guided by Sat Avtar. I’m very grateful! 

I did a private healing session with Sat Avtar in person in Tulum and it was everything I needed and more. She’s very intuitive, clear and intentional. It felt very in sync and we got straight to the source. We did breathing, visualization and trauma reframing for healing. There was inner child shadow work involved and I was inspired to do ancestral healing as well. It was a very complete session and I would recommend it to anyone who is either starting their healing journey or advanced. She will intuitively know how to work with you. What I love the most is how raw and honest she is. Blessed to have held space with her and definitely will keep working with her through virtual alternatives.

Sat Avtar has extensive knowledge she shares with grace. 

Your class is magical every time! Thank you so much for these powerful lessons!

Thank you for teaching me to speak from my full spectrum being from the root up. It has been supremely supportive. I have deep gratitude for you and your wholesome and balanced vibrations. 

Your class was amazing!!!

Still vibrating in gratitude from your last class!

Truly the voice of an angel.

A gifted songstress and Teacher…

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