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Watch my campaign video and hear music from the album.

The Voice of an Angel

The Voice of an Angel album is my sacred healing mantra album to heal hearts and raise spirits – I need your help to finish it. My Kickstarter campaign was graciously 135% funded and donations are still being made. Each album sale and donation helps me make my debut mantra album more beautiful and healing.

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Sign up and get a special unreleased acoustic edit of Long Time Sun


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[testimonial_slider  disable_height_animation=”true” autorotate=”8000″] [testimonial name=”Charandpal Kaur” quote=”This woman has such a healing, beautiful voice. ” id=”t1″] [testimonial name=”Audrey” quote=”Wow! This is beautiful!!!It is a balm and blessing to me right at this moment. I listened to your Guru Ram Das chant over and over again. It was a “balm” to me when nothing else would relieve the pain.” id=”t2″] [testimonial name=”Kim Moore” quote=”Sat Avtar Kaur’s voice is so angelic. So beautiful. ” id=”t3″] [testimonial name=”Rebecca” quote=”I listened this morning to the beautiful Guru Ram Das chant and love it. It’s very sweet and soothing. The voice is like an angel.” id=”t4″] [/testimonial_slider]