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Purchase Guru Ram Das By Donation

Guru Ram Das

‘Guru Ram Das’ is my prayer that calls upon the healing energy of Guru Ram Das and the angels. My wish is that you listen to Guru Ram Das with openness, and that you allow it to burrow into your heart, and plant a seed that ignites your radiance! Surrender to the bliss and healing energy of Guru Ram Das, the Lord of Miracles. Download Guru Ram Das for free or by donation of any amount. Music purchases help us keep creating and sustain the healing energy for all.

[testimonial_slider  disable_height_animation=”true” autorotate=”8000″] [testimonial name=”Charandpal Kaur” quote=”This woman has such a healing, beautiful voice. ” id=”t1″] [testimonial name=”Audrey” quote=”Wow! This is beautiful!!!It is a balm and blessing to me right at this moment. I listened to your Guru Ram Das chant over and over again. It was a “balm” to me when nothing else would relieve the pain.” id=”t2″] [testimonial name=”Kim Moore” quote=”Sat Avtar Kaur’s voice is so angelic. So beautiful. ” id=”t3″] [testimonial name=”Rebecca” quote=”I listened this morning to the beautiful Guru Ram Das chant and love it. It’s very sweet and soothing. The voice is like an angel.” id=”t4″] [/testimonial_slider]