BUY and FUND my debut mantra album – VOICE OF AN ANGEL

A musical devotion to an angels blessing.

Because I did not reach my Kickstater goal I have created this page for everyone to donate. All rewards will be honored. 

Help me fulfill a life long dream…This campaign is to raise funds to finish my album which is currently in process of being made. I need funds to pay the musicians, and get physical CD’s. This is a life-long held dream, a miracle, and I am asking the community, friends, family, strangers to pre-buy the album.

Thank you for reading this and considering a contribution. If you cannot pre-buy the album then please share on social media. I am truly grateful to everyone that has helped get me here.

Sat Nam! Sat Avtar Kaur

Listen to the Long Time Sun acoustic version…

The tracks planned are:

  • Ong Nam Guru Dev Namo
  • Ra Ma Da Sa
  • Ad Gurey Nameh 
  • Guru Ram Das 
  • The Long Time Sun

Some of the talented musicians supporting the album are Gursangat Singh and Tripp Dudley who have recorded with Snatam, Jai Jagdeesh, and other renowned talent.

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Seven years ago while sleeping on an air mattress on the bedroom floor of a friend I woke up in the middle of the night to a sight and sound unlike anything I had ever experienced before. It sounds unbelievable, crazy, just my imagination – but I was wide awake. In a time of need, the angels, piercing the fabric of the physical world showed themselves to me in a shower of glowing light, and celestial sound. Wrapping me in a loving embrace, I experienced a peace then unknown to me that now, when I wish to feel it again I chant.

“Above me, a beautiful golden light intertwined with radiant threads of electric brilliance, streamed down from the ceiling like soul-filled sunbeams shining through broken rain clouds on a stormy afternoon. Small suns of dazzling, condensed brightness, traveled easy on the strings of ethereal harps and the wings of luminous butterflies, floating gently towards me, illuminating the room. The lights radiance, a soft summer breeze with warm sunstrokes in it gently caressed my tired limbs, my muscles relaxed into a cocoon of warm safeness. As does the dawn on a mid-summers’ morn, it eased and filled my heart filled with a perfect peace I had never known.”

As the celestial light shone in a circle above me, I heard a chorus of sounds composing heavenly, harmonious music unlike anything I had ever heard before. All sounds played at once, yet I could hear each one clearly, in its own divine magnificence. Melodic, with a pureness of quality and feeling of innocence, an endless chorus of voices sang together creating divine music, soothing and comforting my very soul.

Warm gentle tears of disbelief and gratitude streamed down my cheeks. The fabric of the physical realm thinned, the hymning praise of creation enveloped me, lifting my spirit. Heaven cannot be adequately described or translated into words, the meager means of communication used by man are inadequate to tell its story. It can, however, be heard through the “music of the spheres.”

All rewards on the original campaign will be honored. See what they are here.

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Pledge $11 or more DIGITAL DOWNLOAD OF The Long Time Sun and Guru Ram Das, plus a prayer for you under the Guru.

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Pledge $25 or more A REAL PHYSICAL CD! and prayer for you under the Guru for one year.

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Listen Here:

Guru Ram Das 128

You can purchase a 320kbps mp3 or a wav. The full benefit is best derived by the highest quality audio. Pay a suggested $3.00, or  make an offering to express your appreciation, and the value the song has given to you, or if you cannot afford the suggested price.


Guru Ram Das 320 kbps mp3

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Guru Ram Das WAV

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My wish is that you listen to Guru Ram Das with openness, and that you allow it to burrow into your heart, and plant a seed that ignites your radiance! Many thanks to my cousin Daniel, who without his skill and talent this would not have happened. Also to KC Solaris for his sublime tabla sounds, and Jagan Nath Khalsa, whose etheric violin playing awakens joy in my heart each time I hear it!

Produced and written by: Sat Avtar Kaur and Daniel Crowley
Vocals: Sat Avtar Kaur
Keys: Daniel Crowley
Violin: Jagan Nath Khalsa
Tabla: KC Solaris