Mantra: The First Power

An Online Study + Experience Workshop

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Ignite the Power of Your Voice 

An Online Mantra Experience + Study Workshop

‘Words are our most inexplicable form of magic.’

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Rhythmic vibration is a state of joy. Harmony of energies are achieved. Unrhythmic vibration is a state of misery. Disharmony creates discord.

How can we achieve harmony with the energy and actions in our life?

Mantra finds and sets your rhythm to the vibration of joy. You are the protector and projector of your state – your grace. You have the power.

In this workshop we are going to create a wave of mantric rhythm with Japa Yoga that “tunes us”. Japa – the continuous calm, meditative recitation of sound.

We begin with voice connection and ignition. Warming up our body with active yoga, grounding our energy, and tuning the vocal cords with vocal exercise.

Next is experience, knowledge in action. We explore the mantras, pronunciation and origins.

Finally we create our RHYTHM. Together we uniformly chant to create our new state. With sound we form a mental vibratory impact to harness the power of kundalini energy, creating a state of joy from chaos.

We will explore Wah Yantee, the mantra for building intuition. A Sanskrit mantra of creating endless abundance with attunement to the three primordial powers. Unifying the forces of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh we harness the cycle of the Universe. All creation, preservation, and disintegration.


Workshop Date & Cost

Suggested Donation $22 (No donation is required to attend)

July 15 7:30 PM EDT, 4:30 PM PST