Guru Ram Das


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Guru Ram Das

You can purchase a 320kbps mp3 or a wav. The full benefit is best derived by the highest quality audio. Pay a suggested $3.00, or  make an offering to express your appreciation, and the value the song has given to you, or if you cannot afford the suggested price.

Guru Ram Das 320 kbps mp3

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Guru Ram Das WAV

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Make an Offering 320 kpbs mp3


Make an Offering WAV

After purchasing with Name Your Price, press the yellow button to redirect to the file. WAV downloads are provided as a zip folder.

My wish is that you listen to Guru Ram Das with openness, and that you allow it to burrow into your heart, and plant a seed that ignites your radiance! Many thanks to my cousin Daniel, who without his skill and talent this would not have happened. Also to KC Solaris for his sublime tabla sounds, and Jagan Nath Khalsa, whose etheric violin playing awakens joy in my heart each time I hear it!

Produced and written by: Sat Avtar Kaur and Daniel Crowley
Vocals: Sat Avtar Kaur
Keys: Daniel Crowley
Violin: Jagan Nath Khalsa
Tabla: KC Solaris

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