Full Moon 🌕 in Leo: Return to the Soul

We have in this Leo (sidereal astrology) full moon the energetic opportunity to balance the feminine and masculine, which is Tantric healing. Tantric is a buzz word, but it is the healing of duality through the balancing and harmonising of the masculine and feminine polarities that we all have. This is one of the most important vehicles for consciousness transformation into the new age and out of Kali Yuga.

We hear this word and often think of just one facet of the capability of Tantric energy. But it’s power is about purification. We do not need an outside partner, only our partner And that is the relationship we are all cultivating – to heal our soul. To heal a world where we have become “consumers”. Separated from the infinite source of love, beauty and truth.

Leo represents the inner child. We have the opportunity to deepen our connection to our Inner Child. And this is what we need to heal to become connected to our source. We need to transform the toxic shame many of us carry to our feeling we have a right to even exist.

The full moon represents the Goddess. The mother, nurturing, home, and the subconscious. Can you see the powerful trinity that is happening here?

We’ve been living in an age where we our conditioned with separation. It has been normalized, much of the population doesn’t see or understand the depth to the effect it has had on our consciousness. When you peel the layers of separations (trauma) you begin to free, and feel yourself. And that word we hear so often – bliss. We often think about spiritual enlightenment as some thing that we have to meditate tons and tons for, go through rigorous suffer, or hide in a cave and be a monk. But the energy on the planet now is so supportive of us coming home to ourselves that it is attainable in a more swift process, though surely bumpy as we move past victim consciousness.

For myself I was recently disowned by one side of my family. The irony of that situation was it was over a Bible. Not the content of a Bible but a particular Bible that has been passed down in my family for 200 years. And I really realized to such a deep level that the separation of soul and the cycle of narcissism and abuse is in my family.

I had a dream where I couldn’t get back into my grandmothers house anymore. And one of my spirit guides told me that my family feels a certain way about me that is not truth. So I am coming home to heal that inner child who feels rejected. To have strength to say goodbye to that part of my family that does not see me. But do it in a way that I know serves me and that is filled with love. Whether they change doesn’t matter to me. It is an opportunity to come home to myself. This is part of the opportunity we will have during this cycle and beyond.

We are also in the most powerful month of the year. Saturn is coming into Pisces energy – Pisces the last sign of the Zodiac that encompasses the deep mysteries of life, death and of our spirit. Where the veil can be thinned and we can access our soul wisdom with more ease. It represents our deep subconscious mind. The mystical truth of the cosmos and our divine power.

And Saturn is here to create the energetic boundary that allows us to bring this energy to a practical form. It pushes us inside ourselves, instead of looking outside ourselves for answers. It brings form and limits. We are bridging the spiritual mystery into form in physical reality and maturing our nature from animal to spiritual.





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