Focused Astrology Reading + Protocol

Each one of us is completely unique shaped by our lineage, DNA, and life experiences. We have individual needs, expressions, thoughts, and emotions. We respond and react in unique ways that require individual attention.

For our life and relationships to blossom we have to deepen our relationship with ourselves and create habits that support self awareness. It is time for us to experience the richness of life on a multi-dimensional level perceptible by our subtle senses.

Vedic astrology is a yogic astrology. It was created in the ancient ideology and language of yoga. Your energy will weave with the ancient stories of deities and yogic tales. You will see parallels in your life with the metaphors these ancient stories tell. The lessons are gifts that support you to connect with yourself and go forward to make choices with wisdom and grace. I also look at Western Astrology alignments and include the wisdom of the stars from the Tropical Zodiac as well.

You will receive a protocol of practices for your current energetic shifts and lifetime challenges and will receive either a live astrology reading or focused reading via email depending on your choice. The live reading may include breath work, somatic release and trauma reframing. Come with an open mind and the heart will follow.

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Focused Reading + Protocol 

What You Receive:

  • Astrology Reading via Email on Focused Topic
  • Yogic Protocol
  • 40 Day Meditation

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Live Reading + Protocol

What You Receive:

  • Live Astrology Reading with Recording
  • Yogic Protocol
  • 40 Day Meditation

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Wow, Wow! Thank YOU for the super thorough and thoughtful reading. The book is beautiful. 🤍 It brought up deep emotions for me but one that was most interesting was that you wrote “If childhood was supportive you will be very attached to the mother”.  I wouldn’t necessarily say it was unsupportive but I definitely had to overcome challenges that tested the relationship with my mom. And the kind of mom I want to be one day. You were spot on about my constant need for finding security and travel as a source to learn to flow. When I’m in my routines I am almost rigid so traveling has helped me to find balance and let go. Thank you so much for everything. This reading is super insightful. And I will continue to integrate it.– Camille Sharoni