Burning What is out of Harmony: Libra 🌕 Full Moon

On April 5th, we are greeted by a Libra full moon with lots of Chiron energy – and Chiron conjunct with Aries, which puts a proverbial stick of dynamite underneath our source reclamation journey. Also sitting close by are the Sun and Jupiter with Aries.



Libra is an air sign represented by the scales, and it is the only inanimate object in the zodiac. Libra loves balance and harmony, is obsessed with symmetry, the refined beauty of nature, and strives to create equilibrium in all areas of life. At its best, Libra’s greatest pursuit is to achieve balance, and this Full Moon lays out the red carpet and gives us the energetic equation to achieve it.

However, Libra’s fixation, at its worst, can cause obsession and restlessness. Libra energy can get irked by the rough edges of life. But that roughness and our reaction to it lie within us. Harmony starts with what is internal and eternal: our divine source. The Full Moon shows us where we are “out of order” and asks us to put some extra change in the machine and unload some of the heavy things weighing us down.

Libra asks us to reclaim and harmonize ourselves, embracing even the dark and spiky parts of ourselves so we can find balance. Chiron’s symbolization as the “wounded healer” brings the reclamation of our strength through vulnerability and the opportunity to come back to innocence by the myriad of healing pathways that life and the stars give to us. Jupiter, a planet that brings luck and fortune, asks us to lead and initiate, to find ourselves. With Aries, it will be your way or the highway, highlighting where you are at odds with your authenticity. You may need to say no more than a few times to whatever feels wrong, be it a work project, a partner, or simply a state of mind.

Chiron was notable throughout Greek mythology for his youth-nurturing and innocent nature. Skilled in the art of medicine, herbs, music, archery, hunting, gymnastics (emotional and spiritual gymnastics are what we have been performing lately), and prophecy, he rose above his nature as half centaur, half man and “beast.” How do we overcome our primitive (separated) nature with the help of Libra? Again, the scales open the door and invite us to take a ride to balance our divine and beast-like natures into harmony, to put them beside each other in an embrace of patience and understanding. Aries ignites us into the simplicity of self-love, self-recognition, and soul-oriented living.

The “beast” is the symbol of our fears and our primitive mind. On the bio-computer front, it usually manifests as an enlarged amygdala. The amygdala is the part of the brain responsible for our emotional responses and memory. If you have been under chronic stress or have had your bucket full of childhood trauma, treat this as an opportunity, a golden doorway to coming home. Meditate, and the journey inside now is so juicy and fulfilling that the red lipstick on my face may never get a second look. I’d rather be painting my heart.

The strong chakra for Librans is the heart chakra, the space of deep emotional healing and innocence. The innocence we require for realization is held here in our hearts. We also have a lot of Venus energy to support us and turn a spotlight on relationships and everything related. Our hearts are our metaphysical tunnel to the ethers and our emotional brain. When we dive into this space, we can call our passed-on loved ones home to hear us, our ancestors to stand by our side, and our inner child to rest into acceptance.

It is the space I use to call the support of my loved ones who have passed. Each time a grief passes my heart, or I feel I need the manifestation of an outside energy (cause we really do have ALL the support we need inside) I call home my father and my mother who passed in these past two years.

My father particularly will always ring back – usually by sending songs in dreams, while I am cooking, change the playlist at the spa to 60’s rock or Etta James, or even turn the radio up to full blast from the zero position. (Ask my facialist she will tell you) .

This weeks message from the beyond:

You run, run, run away
It’s your heart that you betray
Well, isn’t love primitive
A wild gift that you want to give
Break out of captivity
And follow me stereo jungle child
Love is the kill
You’re heart’s still wild
Shooting at the walls of heartache bang, bang
I am the warrior
And heart to heart you’ll win
Break out of captivity
I am the warrior
Yes, I am the warrior
And victory is mine

We are the wounded healer warriors. Anyone who incarnated in these crazy times would be no less than the most cosmic messenger and powerful purger of ego-based ideals and separated self-sabotaging illusions. So here is a match. I invite you to strike it and light the Libra Aries fire. Self-realization really is just a conversation. You to you. Anything out of balance with ourselves is sure to get burned away with this Full Moon.



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