Audrey’s Story

‘I visited my friend Audrey in the rehab hospital last night.  We talked about many things.  When the subject got around to the Guru Ram Das chant, she retold her story.  She had a falling accident in the woods and it tore all the muscles from the bone of her leg, internally.  She’s been operated on and is now starting recovery.  The pain is intense.  As the pain starts building up, she gets weepy, irritable, and hard to focus on anything.


The day I gave her the link was a day where she was already at her max pain drug level and it was barely relieving the pain. Then a new roommate came to the other bed in her room and she had just lost her husband the previous day, so a lot of people were coming to her room to give condolences.This is when she got my email with the link to Guru Ram Das.  She listened to it over and over again.   It was — her words– a “balm” to her.


 She also has the attitude we share– that music is a spiritual offering, and we play our best when we put it into God’s hands and say, “Lord, mold me.  If I am great, it is your greatness.  If I stumble, it is your will.”
-Jagan Nath Khalsa


“Wow! This is beautiful!!! And it is a balm and blessing to me right at this moment. It is soooo wonderful to put on my headset and escape into this gorgeous music, especially your violin playing which is ethereal. Honestly I became addicted to it as a pain killer. Thanks for access to the beautiful recording!!”

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