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Sat Nam! 💖 We raised $3,400 for the mantra album in the Indiegogo campaign.

Yesterday on the drive to New Mexico I began hearing the music in my mind and thinking about how beautiful the new album will be. “With mantra, your mind works for you and God wants you. That’s how beautiful you can be.”

I think of mantra as a superpower. A sacred tool we have at our fingertips.

Iv been thinking of a way I can make funding my independent albums easier. I found a platform called Patreon recently. It allows artists to raise funds and stay connected with followers. It’s popular with world-famous artists like Amanda Palmer.

I need to raise more funds. My Indiegogo goal was $8,000. If you missed donating you still can. Through Patreon you get access to perks similar to Indiegogo.  Or you can donate through PayPal and get the same Indiegogo perks.

I have already begun work on the new album. It started today. Sunia, Wah Yantee, Waha Guru Jio, Miracle Mantra…