Sat Avtar

“Sat Avtar captures the beauty and essence of mantra with her angelic voice”

The Voice of an Angel

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A Beautiful World 

“Truly the voice of an angel”.

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I wanted to make the world a more beautiful place. When I was five. I thought I could do it with volunteering or donating money. But I realized later, what makes the most effective change hides underneath the physical surface (and money was in short supply in that distant past). Necessity indeed, can be the mother of invention.

The world needed a consciousness shift to kindness and interrelated coexistence. Not to mention some self realization. True and lasting change happens inside. When people, in their hearts, change. Can we harness individual and collective power to break open our cage?

When we sit with ourselves, change happens. We process emotional patterning that influences the present moment. In that space where blocks are removed. A change to daily nurturing habits is the ultimate declaration of self love. We can tap creative energy, so that it never disappears. Embrace the world instead of recoiling from it.

Connection Through Sound

“I was truly captivated…”

I started practicing Kundalini Yoga when I was nineteen. I already had Fibromyalgia symptoms. Symptoms that were relegated to being “all in my head”. In 2003 I moved to LA and volunteered at spiritual centers all over the city. Hungry for connection and desperate to find my way.

Through devotion, service, changing my daily habits, and holistic healing methods I reclaimed my health and vitality. I began pursuing performance arts again. I activated a latent healing power through voice when I started singing. I lived, worked and trained at an ashram for several years. And an everyday practice of Sat Kriya saw me through the scariest days of PTSD where survival was all I hoped for.

Strength in Grace

“A Testament to Heart and Hard Work”

I am the founder of Aquarian Yogi, a yogic and meditative school for achieving heart-centered personal excellence. I am Reiki master, and have studied Naad, mantra and am working on my second World Music album. I am continuing my studies in plant based nutrition and Vedic Astrology. I am a certified KRI Kundalini Yoga Teacher.

I have a BFA in Environmental Design from Massachusetts College of Art where I focused on Fashion and its socioeconomic historical implications. Meanwhile enjoying an undeclared minor in graphic design, web arts and marketing. I now offer marketing courses and services to other wellness professionals through my brand Aligned Marketing. I have always had a passion for performance and acting. As an EDM DJ and producer I have toured globally.

Practicing for twenty-two years, teaching for ten internationally I offer retreats, workshops and concerts online and in person, one-to-one yoga and meditation coaching, voice activation, yogic diet and lifestyle strategy planning.