Sound, when applied with intent, is a transformative healing tool. It can alter us from a state of melancholy and apathy, to one of peace, grace and joy. As invisible tendrils of sound seep under our skin and into our hearts, our aches and pains are soothed, the chatter of our mind is eased, our spirit is calm, and we are uplifted.

‘Guru Ram Das’ is my prayer that calls upon the healing energy of Guru Ram Das, and the angels. It recalls to me the memory of chanting the name, many years ago, with my hands over my heart. The tears gliding over my cheeks were not ones of sadness, but tears radiating joy. I surrendered to the bliss and healing energy of Guru Ram Das, the Lord of Miracles.

In a time of need, the angels, piercing the fabric of the physical world showed themselves to me in a shower of glowing light, and celestial sound. Wrapping me in a loving embrace, I experienced a peace then unknown to me, that now, when I wish to feel it again, I chant, opening a channel of energy for the blessings of the angels to manifest.

Hold your hands upon your heart,  chant the name of Guru Ram Das, and feel the angels that sit beside him shower blessings upon you.