Winter Solstice Workshop

Join Sat Avtar Kaur for a Winter Solstice Meditation Circle on Dec. 20th, celebrating the Winter Solstice and the birth of the Aquarian Age.

As we move into a new time, we must meet the challenges of that time. Yoga and meditation are two of those ways, that also help us harness the amazing energy of astrological events and energy shifts. A pivotal date in the transition to the Aquarian Age, the solstice represents our rebirth into a new age. Solstice celebrations, in pagan times, began on the eve, at dusk, before the solstice. On Dec. 20th, Thursday we come together to meditate and celebrate. Light Kundalini Yoga set with a special meditation.

Suggested Donation $15.00 – DEC. 20th, 2012 (Note the date of the event is on the eve before, as celebrated in pagan times) email for more information.


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