Return of the Queen

Escape to the Ethereal

Music Alchemy

‘Stunning. Truly the voice of an Angel.’

The ‘Wah Yantee’ mantra which describes Wahe Guru. “Guru”, the energy within you that brings you from darkness to light and “Wahe” the ultimate ecstasy. Great Macroself, Creative Self. All that is creative through time, all that is the Great One. Three aspects of God: Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh. That is Wahe Guru.

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Discover the magnitude of your energetic potential through activating the voice in this 5 day training with teacher and international mantra artist Sat Avtar.

Experience how the voice can transform nervous energy into relaxation and connection and is a potent “yogic” tool. Regardless of whether you think you can hold a tune – let go of the worry of being in class in this at-home course.